Building an Audience

June 25, 2018

It took more than 100 posts, but I’ve finally made a blog that attracts at least 1 visitor per day.

People never visit most blogs, so I consider this a big win. Especially because I have yet to carve out a niche.

I’ve considered just posting excerpts of my educational writing, but most of my interest revolves around business and technology. And there are just as many business/technology blogs as education blogs, which is… plenty.

Maybe it’s time to combine the two. We’re searching for a simple platform at X Movement to spread mindfulness to youth, and the platforms on the market all miss the mark. Teachers have no time in a day – they want plug and play, not email validation. I think we recognize this in a way that many non-educators don’t, and that’s a topic worthy of spilling ink over.

Edtech breakdowns – I think that’s a good next step.


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Fiverr Sellers are Getting Smart

June 24, 2018

I’ve been outsourcing on the website Fiverr for years, but its sellers have only just started getting smart.

Fiverr is an online freelancing site where users can find people willing to do small jobs for cheap. Fiverr merchants will create logos, do research, record voiceovers, and much more for a base price of $5USD. Although it seems like the work would be low quality, there are actually a number of amazing Fiverr sellers. All the client does is click a button, pay $5, and describe what they want done. Vendors can offer more complicated packages for more money, but who wants to pay more?

Recently, sellers have been requesting a different method of transactions because they’ve figured out how to floss clients. They require that you message them first with what you want, so they can upgrade you to a better package. Their intent is to floss clients by describing the job as too complicated for $5.

Fiverr sellers are getting smart. This technique likely triples the amount they earn per client. A job I would have got for $5 now will run me about $15. It’s a pain, but it makes sense from a business perspective from people who likely do nothing but sell over Fiverr.

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A Little More Every Day

June 23, 2018

Some of the big projects I want to work on are still a little obscure. So, I have been working on a technique to try to do just a small amount of work on them every day.

Now there’s a sticky note on my monitor with the names of my projects. It’s a great tool for refocussing because it constantly references the big ideas that are waiting for execution.

Just remembering the big things has helped a lot so far, and hopefully will keep helping in the future.

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The Horror of Praising a Dictator

June 22, 2018

It’s unbelievable to me that anyone could praise a dictator for keeping their people in check.

Firstly, praise from someone in a position of power implies that they envy the control. Secondly, it implies that they’re willing to sacrifice legitimacy for power. Finally, it shows that they aren’t paying attention to the horror that’s happening in the world.

When dictators order their people to do something, they don’t do it out of love – they do it out of fear of death. And that’s not something to see as a model for success.

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Choosing a City to Live In

June 21, 2018

There are so many factors to consider when choosing a city to live in. First, you need to consider the price. Is living there affordable? Then, you need to consider the transit situation. If you don’t drive, getting around without public transit is impossible. Next, you have to consider the job market. Will you be able to work in your field?

Those and so many more factors play into a decision of where to live because when you have too many choices, analysis paralysis sets in. I’d like to explore my options of American cities to try to expand my horizons, but there are so many great options.

Seattle, Boston, Memphis, Columbus. All those and more are fantastic places to live, but only one can be decided on in the short term.

I’ll admit – I’m a little lost.

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Blood Meridian – Book Review

June 20, 2018

I loved Blood Meridian for its characters and general plot. As well, I loved its overt and implied ways of conveying the ideas of violence. Probably worth a read if you like a good tale. Definitely worth the read if you like westerns, but don’t care to see them scrubbed of reality’s horror.

Likely would have rated Blood Meridian 5 stars if not for its plodding midsection, even though it was probably necessary in order for the ending to be so powerful.


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Professionals Built the Titanic

June 19, 2018

“Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the Ark, professionals built the Titanic.”

I love this quote for its sheer audacity. Even if you’re averse to the bible reference, the quote has power in its last four words because it speaks to an interesting truth.

Since “professionals built the Titanic”, anyone can fail, including experts – so why not give that new thing a try?


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Selling Games

June 18, 2018

The popular online video game marketplace Steam decides which games to market to you with an algorithm. It makes selling games an automatic process because it knows which games you like, and which you can by that are very similar.

Steam thinks that it can sell me games based on adventure and micromanagement, and it’s right.

Not only does it know me, but it probably knows me better than a person could.

For the small businesses I’ve worked on, we’ve needed to sell like this. But in reverse. Instead of making something for everyone, we’ve picked an extremely specific market segment and targeted them aggressively. We aren’t selling like Steam is selling games, but we aim for the same result. People who want exactly our product have it put right in front of their faces.

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Power is Power

June 17, 2018

It can be difficult to motivate people to do what you need them to do because everybody thinks that they’re an expert. Whether you’re dealing with friends or coworkers, influence hard to obtain and harder to use.

A convincing vision can be powerful in driving action. So can incentive. A mark of a good leader is knowing who reacts to what.

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Your Hard Work is Not Enough

June 16, 2018

Sometimes your hard work is still not going to be enough. You will put your all into something and fail. Your business will be great but it won’t stick.

And that’s okay. Because it means that you are capable of working hard.

Use that on the next thing.

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