Leading Meetings

November 24, 2016

Leading meetings can be tough if you have a group of analytical minds around the table. People who like to process what they hear thoroughly can sometimes refrain from speaking until they’re totally ready. This can lead to a meeting dominated by a few vocal team members, which can dissuade others from adding their valuable input. This can be a problem when you need your whole team creatively thinking around solutions.

Leading Meetings with Purpose

Approaching every part of a meeting analytically and with purpose is the way to set everyone’s mindset in the right place. Here are 3 quick principles for getting everyone constructively involved:

  1. Provide a ‘why’ whenever possible
  2. Frequently ask what people think
  3. Request specific people to answer a question, as opposed to the group

These 3 simple tips will ensure that everyone gets a chance to understand and participate. Providing a ‘why’ ensures that everyone is cognizant of the task at hand and is willing to participate. Frequently asking what the group thinks keeps everyone on track. Finally, asking specific people to answer questions keeps the group on their toes. One trick that’s worked for me is providing around 30 seconds of thinking time before an answer to a tough question!

These tips were my first steps to running happier, better meetings, and I hope they work for you as well.