3 Ways to Meet Techies in Toronto

January 18, 2017

I love to meet techies in Toronto. Finding people with similar hobbies who we like makes us feel connected – like part of a community. Many people in Toronto take part, but it can be hard to get started. That’s why I decided to write up a few of the things that worked for me. They are attending meetups, attending classes and… well, just asking! Without any further ado, here’s the list!

Attend a Meetup

There are tons of great events in Toronto where you can meet techies. Some, like HackerNest are broad in scope, and some like TorontoVR are very narrow! is a great site that lists tons of events where you can get together with people. There are meetups for languages, hardware, concepts… you name it! There are also a multitude of bar nights.

HackerNest in Toronto. Great place to meet techies in Toronto!

A HackerNest in Toronto. Image from the HackerNest website.


  • Tons of people
  • Niche topics
  • Usually catered with pizza and drinks


  • Can be loud and overwhelming
  • Can be hard to introduce or distinguish yourself

A few meetups I like are Coffee & Code, Dev West Toronto and Devhub.

Attend a Class

If you’re learning to code, this is perfect for you. Toronto is full of courses where you can learn all sorts of different skills! The city is slightly unique in that there are classes for people of all ability levels. There’s Ladies Learning Code, HackerYou, Lighthouse Labs and more!


  • Broaden your horizons
  • Easy to meet people
  • You might meet a good mentor


  • Can be costly
  • Might take a lot of time to complete a full course
  • A bootcamp isn’t a substitute for a computer science degree or learning programming in a job, no matter what they tell you.

Just Ask!

People are proud to hail from Toronto, and often mention it in things like their Twitter bios, linkedin profiles, and other social media. Reach out to people with similar interest and maybe you’ll form a group or make friend. You never know until you try!

Just remember – people might be wary that you’re looking for a job, or sucking up to them for some other reason. There’s no such thing as a free lunch! Or coffee, or beer, for that matter. Luckily, there’s an easy solution for this – be clear with your intentions. Let people know exactly why you want to connect and you can quickly assuage any worries they have and see if they’re on the same page.


  • You can choose exactly who you want to connect with
  • You can meet in a spot that’s suitable for both of you


  • Slow
  • Can be awkward. But practise makes perfect!

It’s Easy to Meet Techies in Toronto if you Try!

One day I’d like to write a city-agnostic guide, but I know that these great things are true about Toronto. We’re extremely lucky to be in a diverse city full of interesting people. I hope we can work together to create a connected, diverse tech community!