The entire universe in the palm of your hand.

Fully Immersive

Surround yourself with SCAL3D's unique visualization using a number of haptic input devices.

Oculus Compliant

Capture every motion as you explore galaxies as you see fit.

Classroom Ready

Accurately scaled objects give students perspective on things they've never been able to witness before.

One small step for man.
Scaled to one large step for mankind.

Scal3d is an immersive, 3D visualization of the universe around us - the first step on the path toward realizing the dream of useful, immersive and fun education technology. Thanks to the Unity game engine and the Oculus Rift headset, players are transported onto a scale full of objects from the world around us. As the player progresses down the path, they appear to grow in size, the objects around them shrinking. With the ability to transfer objects from one place to another, the scale and sizing of objects can be compared like never before. The goal is to discover the universe in a new, unique way. Players can manipulate objects by rotating them around themselves, by locally rotating an object, or by physically repositioning them on the scale.

The immersive environment lets users bask in the immensity of the stars, or get down to a smaller, microscopic levels. All that’s required is an Oculus Rift and a gamepad. Scal3d is one of many applications of virtual reality for education technology, and proof that with a little creativity, the technology's applications aren’t limited to games.

Meet The Team

Daniel Siegel

Human Experience Conductor

Eric Sacco

Lead Scripting Mystic

Cameron McDonald

Resident Architecture Guru/Head Dreamer

This project was created for:

Ryerson University, Department of Computer Science

CPS841 Virtual Reality

Dr. Tim McInerney