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When Problems Become Jokes, They Don’t Get Solved

March 20, 2017

Team members joking about problems is a common trend across low-performing teams and organizations. Have you ever been on a team where bad behaviour gets glazed over, and problems become jokes? “Uh oh, looks like Gaby is half an hour late to another meeting!” “Jim forgot to record a client’s details again, classic!” “Ha, why is Lana even a manager if no one ever listens to her?” Does this sound familiar? Are you guilty of this? Maybe it seems like it’s all in good fun because…

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Being Mindful of Feedback with Snowballs

December 7, 2016

It’s tough to be mindful of the feedback we give and receive. We’re humans, and humans are fallible – even mild feedback can seem harsh if it’s perceived to come from a place of hostility, or if we feel like we’re somehow threatened by the person giving it. However, feedback is inevitable, so it’s our duty as compassionate human beings to make sure that it’s taken and received as best as possible. The Snowball Imagine you’re standing at the top of a snowy hill holding a…

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Leading Meetings

November 24, 2016

Leading meetings can be tough if you have a group of analytical minds around the table. People who like to process what they hear thoroughly can sometimes refrain from speaking until they’re totally ready. This can lead to a meeting dominated by a few vocal team members, which can dissuade others from adding their valuable input. This can be a problem when you need your whole team creatively thinking around solutions. Leading Meetings with Purpose Approaching every part of a meeting analytically and with purpose…

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