Dan MaxHello there! My name is Dan Max and I'm a software developer, startup junkie and cult psychology nerd who dreams about using technology to shift people's minds for the greater good. Read a little bit about me here or check out some of the projects I've worked on!

Software Developer

I studied computer science at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada and graduated with honours. Both in school and professionally I've been able to work with many interesting technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, data mining and 3D printing. I've built and deployed software for startups, worked on large-scale applications, and created programs to help professors with their research.

Startup Junkie

I love thinking my way around problems and getting things done, so I've both created and consulted on startups. I now work with two companies that focus on community-building to help them create scalable solutions and turn innovative ideas into successful, high-perfromance businesses. Following emerging companies on sites like AngelList and ProductHunt are also big interests of mine.

Cult Psychology Nerd

I'm continuously fascinated by the way that people think, and by the machinations that happen inside the human mind. I'm currently working on creating my own informal study on cults and cult psychology, with the ultimate goal of creating an artifical intelligence that can help deprogram the indoctrinated.

This is my personal website where I write about the things I’m interested in, share what I’m learning and give updates on the interesting work and projects I’m involved in. Read more here!